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ARTPORT_making waves is an international curators collective that raises awareness and promotes the public discourse about climate change through exhibitions, residency programs, and collaborations linking the arts, science, and politics. The aim is to create international networks of artists, art presenters, and critics in order to promote a true globalization of the artistic discourse, giving a voice to emerging artists from all over the world. ARTPORT_making waves is based in in New York and Valencia, Spain.

ARTPORT_making waves explores artists’ responses to climate change and its causes, effects, and solutions. How do artists reflect on the drastic ecological shifts that cause an increasing number of natural disasters and extreme weather with unprecedented destructive power, such as hurricanes, droughts, and floods? How can artists make a difference? How can they create awareness among the general public and influence the political will to adapt public policy and education? What are the different approaches worldwide and how can we create synergies to effect change?

ARTPORT_making waves is a fiscally sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.



ARTPORT_COOL STORIES is a biennial competition for artists worldwide to submit short videos and animations that deal with climate change. The shorts are selected by a jury of renowned international art professionals. The compilations, edited by ARTPORT_making waves, are launched in collaboration with international arts and educational institutions and shown worldwide at cultural, scientific, and political events of global relevance. We have partnered with Lincoln Center, Parsons The New School, the Swiss Architecture Museum, among others, and welcome suitable partners for future series.

(Re-) Cycles of Paradise aims to raise awareness about the complex and multifaceted relationship between gender and climate change. The exhibition highlights issues that have become increasingly important in recent discussions about ecological changes on our planet: the effects of climate change on women’s lives and the role of women as agents of change.
The exhibition was launched during the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15) at DGI byen, Copenhagen, from December 7-18. 2009, and subsequently shown at the Spanish Cultural Center in Mexico City, January 2011, at the Museum Jardin Borda and the Museum of Sciences of Morelos, both in Cuernavaca, Mexico in Spring and Summer 2011, and at LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) in collaboration with swissnex San Francisco from October 25-December 16, 2012.
Artists participating in Copenhagen: Kim Abeles (USA), Subhankar Banerjee (India/USA), Charley Case|masalla (Spain/Belgium), Meschac Gaba (Benin/NL), Anita Glesta (USA), Nnenna Okore (Nigeria/USA) Frances Whitehead (USA), Insa Winkler (Germany).

Additional artists for Mexico: Ander Azpiri (Spain), Yolanda Gutiérrez (Mexico), Perla Krauze (Mexico), Betsabee Romero (Mexico), Javier Velasco (Spain).

Additional artists for LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions): Melodie Mousset and Zachary Sharrin (Switzerland/USA), Ursula Scherrer (Switzerland/USA), Roman Signer (Switzerland), George Steinmann (Switzerland).

Image: Still from "Metropolis" by Rob Carter (2008)