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What can I say, I'm a simple person.
I live on an island with one bridge to the mainland. It has a steady stream of cars. I wouldn't mind if it fell into the water, I haven't left the island or house since l don't remember. About a year I guess. And it's been years longer that I've not traveled to the mainland. I'm married to a wonderful guy, 15+ years and counting. He's a software architect so we're both very nerdy, wear glasses, not anti-people, but a tad bit anti-social. We prefer quiet times to loud and quiet evenings to nights on the town. I've a son who is now 28, and lives in the Anchorage Bowl area, the other place I spent most of my life (Alaska). We have a cat named Symba who speaks to us regularly in ways we're sure to understand his needs. I photography, and most Adobe products. I have a few websites, I grow herbs, fruit, flowers, nothing special, just norma trees and such in the yard. and flower baskets I love to make large hanging baskets, with climbers going both up and down. They are cool. Besides the computer, and photography and growing things, my hobbies would be smithery, making jewelry using silver and gemstones, this and reading fills my soul taking me to places yet unknown.
Oh, and did I mention I'm a bit of a Rebel? I believe in Family, Community, Country and World in that order. I believe if we can keep our micro economies in place and healthy then the rest will fall into place.
I can be a best friend or a worst enemy, and there's not much that goes farther with me than simple good manners and edicate.
I also blog under the pen name of An Average American Woman, but that's another story. You'll have to check out the blog to find out more.