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Born in 1968.
In 1990 I made my first short feature film which won the " Best First Movie" prize by the Independent Filmfestival of the time.

In the year 1991 I became Head of the studio at the Black Box Ltd. / later Pesty Black Box Ltd. / for 5 years.
During this period I participated in constructing a great number of documentaries, references and experimental short feature films. I was working as a cameraman, an editor and also as a director. My works are permanently present at Hungarian Filmfestival's compatition.

In 1996 with my collegaues we founded an independent company that aims film - making. During those years I made documentaries and experimental feature films.

Nowadays I am working for my own company, we use to make commercials, interviews and make our movies, especially considering the protection of human rights, the question of public health, and culture.