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A native of Florence Italy, I moved to New York in 1995 after founding M.T.I USA, a consulting company that specialized in fashion and
marketing services. In the fashion business, I have offered my services and expertise to the top 200 companies in the US and Canada, helping them to find the right product according to their customers needs.
Since then, I have been traveling to Europe, China and India in order to establish business relationship with different suppliers and help them to adjust their standards (price, service and quality level) to the US market.
At the nascent of the internet era, I founded D-Design, with
the mission to deliver the top Web technology, Design and Marketing strategy through the Web.
In 2002, Francesco, John Malkovich, and I established Mrs Mudd, in order to serve and bring to life the design and fashion inspirations of John
In 2006, I was one of the founders of the Film Annex concept, which had the goal of empowering the independent filmmaker and presenting a new platform for an interaction between fans and filmmakers.