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October 31, 2010 - 6th Avenue & Spring Street. New York City...

It all went according to plan. Countless hours of preparation culminated into this very moment. The beating drums raise the level of awareness as the skeletons bob and weave ominously in the brisk fall sky. The collective energy bubbling from the ghosts and ghouls, the saints and sinners, the fantastically outrageous creatures that surround you reached a palpable crescendo. Finally, with an ecstatic push forward, the journey begins. The march began northward to the brilliance of a million smiles. HEAVEN (or is it hell) ON EARTH.

The annual NY Village Halloween Parade attracts thousands of participants from all over the world, who march up 6th Avenue where countless spectators marvel at the most creative characters imaginable. The goal of Film Annex was to immerse ourselves in what we believe to be the greatest night of the year in New York City. We knew when the cameras started to roll and document this wonderful event, that the participants would shine brilliantly. Our desire was to capture a small portion of the overwhelming energy that flows in every direction, from start to finish.

Another primary goal in launching Halloween Web TV is to contribute a portion of the funds raised on this website to the not for profit, Village Halloween Parade, Inc. in support of the 2011 NY Village Halloween Parade.

If you have quality video content from the 2010 parade and would like us to consider adding it to this Web TV, please contact .

We truly hope you enjoy the videos. We had the time of our lives creating them.

Until next year, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!