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ISF: Conception and Mission
Imagine Science Films is a registered non-profit organization committed to promoting a high level dialogue between scientists and filmmakers. ISF encourages a greater collaboration between scientists that dedicate their lives to studying the world we live in, and filmmakers that have the power to interpret and expose this knowledge. Ultimately, making science accessible and stimulating to a broader audience.

What is the Imagine Science Film Festival?

The Imagine Science Film Festival (ISFF) is an annual full-fledge New York Science Film Festival.

The objective of the festival is to showcase films, especially narrative films, that effectively incorporate science into a compelling narrative while maintaining credible scientific groundings.

ISFF is the first science film festival in New York. It an environment where filmmakers, artists, scientists and the public can meet. It creates a place where science is exciting and accessible to everyone, regardless of their background.

At ISFF, the public will join scientists in learning and imagining science through visual storytelling.

Where do the ISFF take place?
This year, the 2nd annual ISFF will take place in October at the following venues:

* New York Academy of Science
* Rockefeller University
* CUNY Graduate Center
* NYU Kanbar Institute of Film and Television
* Pratt Institute
* Bell House
* New School University

All year-round, we provide special screenings and New York City and we plan to host special ISF events an unveil our production company. Stay tuned.