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I am a filmmaker/artist living in Brooklyn, NY. When I am not creating, my time is spent curating. I have put on hundreds of shows ranging from music, film, art exhibitions, and festivals. I have worked with PBS, McSweeney's, Athens International Film Festival, the Neistat Brothers, Last Pictures, Wholphin DVD, Ohio Filmmaker's League and more.

I've spent the last year traveling in support of a mixed-media art compilation I created entitled, PRISM index. It is a handbound, silkscreened book featuring art, comics, short fiction, and poetry with a DVD of short films and a CD of rare and unreleased music sewn inside. Each compilation features the work of over 50 established and emerging artists.

Artists include: Jay Duplass, Bill Plympton, Su Friedrich, Abigail Child, Chris Johanson, Dan Reeder, Aimee Bender, Castanets, Phosphorescent, the Kuchar Brothers, Azazel Jacobs, the Zellner Brothers, Lisa Hanawalt, Luke Ramsey, Mel Kadel, Matt Furie, and many more.

I have traveled the entire country and never stopped at Dollywood. I feel empty because of it.