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Joshua Frankel is a filmmaker, animator and visual artist. Joshua grew up in the Hell's Kitchen section of New York City in a building filled with musicians, actors and dancers. He spent most of his youth listening to hiphop and trying not to let anyone take his lunch money.

Originally trained in painting and drawing, in 2001 Joshua began creating animation and visual effects, mostly for TV commercials. After four years of shilling SUVs, shampoo and sugar water he quit his job and made his first short film, Bicycle Messengers, which fused the aesthetics of his paintings and drawings with photo-real visual effects techniques.

Since then Joshua has been working in a variety of media, attempting to use the powers he has acquired in advertising for good, rather than evil. In 2008 Joshua was commissioned to create a series of short films and animations for Barack Obama's presidential campaign. Joshua has also created animation for three Hollywood blockbusters, two musicals and an opera.

Joshua has collaborated with his wife, Eve Biddle, to create a series of murals in Brooklyn and Queens which implant a sense of boyish wonder onto massive walls in public spaces.

Joshua’s art has shown in galleries in London, New York and The Berkshires. His films have shown in festivals around the world.

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