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I started my career at an early age of 8, that was when I started programming in Basic. I started repairing computers in my teens.

After I finished high school I got married and studied eletronics at technical college. After that I ended up selling life, cancer, annuities and health insurance for a few years. After that I landed a computer technician job for 5 years. Little did I know then, that I would help people suffering from cancer using my coming skills in data analysis and computational genetic matching.

I went back to college to get my Network Admin degree and the state of MN hired me in 2 weeks just after I started as an IT Specialist. Even the current Network Admin recommended me for the job. I ended up being the CIO there for about 5 years. I quit the IT field and went back to college after a couple years. I ended up teaching a few classes.

A few years after that I lost my Dad to Cancer and a year or so after that I lost my closest sister to Cancer too. Then my Mom developed Alzheimer's. After all this loss, I decided to try to find cures for Cancer and Alzheimer's.

Then in 2006 I found something I could do to help. It was Cancer research via computers. In 2007 I went full bore into Cancer and Alzheimers research. Through that research, I learned that I could do a lot more than just that. So I expanded into AIDS, Parkinson's, Virus, Clean energy and more! Two of my files were used to create the Swine Flu vaccine a few years ago! I saved lives!

I had to keep expanding, upgrading and repairing the servers year to year. My electricity kept getting higher too. I was doing all this out of my own pocket and I considered this a memorial to my Father and Sister.

I am now setting up a non-profit to help fund and support these research efforts. Anyway, now after all this time and over 100 years worth of research (and over $92,000 + a lot of debt) later we come to the present.... I Paid It Forward.
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