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Working in various media and with a number of collaborators from around the world, New York-based, Swiss artist Katja Loher’s explorations of language and visual form come together in an assemblage of present technologies and dramatic sculptures. Translating, in poetic metaphor, the “ambivalent relationships between power, freedom and dependency,” she creates a powerful visual platform that pulls the viewer out of his current perspective and provides a broader perspective with which to address existential questions and current concerns around the globe. Last year Loher created several objects that offered a broad view of human interference with ecologic systems and their artificial reproduction. A multi-awarded artist, Katja’s video sculptures and installations have appeared at international galleries and institutions. In 2004, Katja Loher was the recipient of the TPC CreaTVty Award by the Swiss TV Production Center. In the past few years she received several artist awards, grants, and residences including in Berlin, New York, and Beijing. http://www.katjaloher.com