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I was born as an afghan refugee in Tehran, Iran in 1992. I and my family were living there till 2006 with lots of hardships. The situation of Afghan refugees was not good there where we lived. Each member of a family had to work to earn money. I have learned how to make money while I was just seven years old. Working in gardens, fields and weaving carpets were the sources that I helped my family for bringing money. But things were changed we moved to Afghanistan, my country where I belong to. I never had a proud feeling as a resident of a country before but while entering to my own country I felt, yeah, I belong to somewhere, a place where people have a look at me as a part of themselves. In a very short time I could improve a lot. I have made many trips to other countries through educational camps based on leadership skills and English language programs, have gained lots of experiences there. Now I am majoring my degree in political science in American University of Afghanistan; I am a journalist and film maker trainees in Afghanistan New Generation Organization under a program by the name of Afghan Voices, where my perspective was changed for staying in Afghanistan.

In this program I have learned to make my voice here in my country where I belong to.