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Lisa Long

Black Hair - Brown Eyes - 5’2” - 111 lb.

Westmonster (dramady) - Zoe (Lead) - Series6Flix Productions
Love or Something? - Jess (Lead) - Rob Hagans, Dir.
Stuff's Happening - Sarah (Featured) - Dan Horowitz, Dir.
The Game - Victoria (Lead) - The Art Institute
Lone Wolf - Angela (Lead) - City College of New York
Honeymooners - Mei (Featured) - New York University

The Teenage Lesbian's Guide...* - Lead - NativeAliens Theatre
Dog Sees God - Van’s Sister - Daniel Seth, Dir.
Flowers For Algernon - Anne/Connie - Adam Graham, Dir.
Songs For A New World - Lead - Carla Ingram, Dir.
Children Of Eden - Snake - Carla Ingram, Dir.
On The Town - Carnegie Hall Performer - Wootton Center of the Arts
Sweeney Todd - Ensemble - Wootton Center of the Arts

Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute (Irma Sandrey, Geoffrey Horne, Lola Cohen, Bill Balzac, Tim Crouse, Judith Robinson)

Singing (F3-C6): Tim Hill, Chris Roselli, Jan Douglas, Scott Flaherty, Nora York, Jack Eppler

Dance (Jazz): Madeline Jaye, Jeffrey Ferguson

Drama BFA, NYU.

Bilingual (Mandarin & English), Accents (British RP, Cockney, Adept at learning others), Voice Characterizations, Licensed Driver, Cartwheels, Competitive Swimming, Heavy Lifting, Basic Piano, Good with Kids