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Radiant Pictures Entertainment is an Independent Film Production Company that is made of highly qualified and experienced film industry professionals and experts in their respective fields. As an independent film production company, we can produce a series of various, High quality screenplays we own into broadly based and immediately marketable theatrical released films for a variety of venues. All projects will include World-Wide Distribution, marketing, promotions; Radiant Pictures Entertainment creates quality motion pictures within the Hollywood sector that will be remembered for a lifetime!

* Studio Distributor contacts for worldwide Domestic and International markets
* Different genre screenplays ready for production with high marketability potential and value
* Professionalism in film Development, Productions, and post-productions
* Talented Creative Team with Directing and Producing Experience
* Contacts with Casting Agents in LA with A list name talents
* Talented 3D Animation, Visual & Special Effects Team
* Important contacts in all aspects of the Film industry
* Motion Picture Financing and Sales Distribution
* Have rights to 30+ the screenplays
* Post–Production-Editing-Music Scoring