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Richard's directorial style has been evolving from visually driven short films, television commercials and career as a documentarian in films produced in Brazil, Peru and Israel and Music documentaries in the US.

This year's Filmmaker magazine lineup lists Richard as one of the "25 new faces of Hollywood to watch for".

His other award winning short films Tel Aviv (2004) and Blue Rondo (1999) can also be found on FilmAnnex

Director Richard Goldgewicht and producing partner Jeremy Goldscheider started production on "Pablo" in the beginning of 2005 and have since been garnering attention from the specialized media for their different approach of making this unconventional biopic.

The film blends animation, documentary footage and motion graphics to deliver an unprecedented feature on the life of the provocative and groundbreaking visual artist, Pablo Ferro.

Narrated by Jeff Bridges and including interviews with a dozen of Pablo's famous collaborators, the animated journey recreates the colorful magic of the sixties and Pablo's life with Stanley Kubrick, Peter Sellers, Hal Ashby among other célèbre personalities, all rendered as animated characters.
News publications in Japan, France and the US have taken interest in the filmmakers' multi-media approach to tell the story of a subject, who is in his own right a multi-talented animator, designer, filmmaker and artist.