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WIDEYE Creative, founded by Russell Terlecki, is a worldwide production company devoted to coordinating, creating and producing all facets of the entertainment industry (IE: music videos, TV, commercials, or feature films). In a fast paced business, it is imperative to employ a company that can quickly synchronize all aspects of a project. Whether it is coordinating the vitals of a production crew, casting a TV pilot, or matching funds for a big budget feature film, WIDEYE Creative is there to suit your project's needs.

Through Mr. Terlecki's intricate network of contacts and resources, WIDEYE Creative can provide what one might think is unattainable. Whether it is securing the most difficult location, planning the perfect wrap party, securing the largest audition, or financing the most complex feature film, WIDEYE can do it. When time is of the essence and money matters, Russell Terlecki will be there to provide the necessary elements to follow a production to the silver screen.

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