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Centron Corporation was an industrial and educational film production company. Founded in 1947 in Lawrence, Kansas by Arthur H. Wolf and Russell A. Mosser, Centron would come to the forefront of the industrial and educational film companies in the United States. Centron competed with large companies on both coasts to become one of the top producers of industrial and educational films. The company was known for its high quality films, coming in on time and under budget. Centron won many awards for its films and claimed an Oscar nomination for the documentary Leo Beuerman. In 1981, Wolf and Mosser sold Centron to the Coronet division of Esquire, Inc.

Harold "Herc" Harvey was the principal director at Centron. His 1962 feature Carnival of Souls was produced with several people associated with Centron. John Clifford, a Centron screenwriter wrote the script for Carnival of Souls.