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My name is Daniel Barwell, I am currently studying Film Production at Staffordshire University in the UK. Having lived in Hong Kong all my life prior to coming to England to study made me realise the vibrancy and character of asian culture. I have a large passion for film and what makes me different is my vast range of hobbies. I enjoy sports such as rugby, football and even snowboarding. I have done my share of theatrical plays in front of live audiences such as Equus and Lord Of the Flies among others so I consider myself a bit of a drama enthusiast. I play guitar and I'm a multi genre avid music listener. I believe that all these different hobbies really help me broadened my filmmaking. Being a student means that I am strictly budgeted for my films, but I see it as a test to your filmmaking ability and resourcefulness. Being a student will teach me necessary skills to not totally rely on money and to be more creative and use constructive thinking to complete projects. I am an open and cheerful person, I will work with anyone as long as they have passion and drive. I hope you enjoy me film annex page!