1989 Fencing Men's Foil Team World Championships

Uploaded on Monday 30 August 2010


1989 Fencing Men's Foil Team World Championships. The Federal Republic of Germany faces off against the incumbent World Champions, the Soviet Union. Woohoo! Nice surprise for your commentator. The inestimable Alexander Romankov (URS) faces off against Mathias Gey (FRG). You may remember Romankov from the 1988 Seoul Olympics as "The Old Guy with the Bronze Medal", described as The Century's Greatest Fencer. Here he is, approaching 40. Another big treat! Sergei Golubitski (URS) of the Ukraine makes an appearence against Weidner in this epic conflict, perhaps being rotated in for Koretski after Koretski's terminal performance against Endres. Golubitski is to Romankov as Christian Slater is to Jack Nicholson (and when Golubitski's weapon is loose, Romankov brings the wrench). The sixteenth bout pits Schevtchenkov against Koch. Whoever wins the next bout wins the match. When there's a lot on the line, fencers aren't afraid to burn energy like mad. Every movement is focused and very serious, there is no "feeling out" the opponent. Everything that doesn't land is a deadly risk to victory. For all his intensity, Koch finds it incredibly difficult to land the point on the reed-like Schevtchenkov. Schevtchenkov, who looks like he's 6'6", capitalizes on his reach.

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