1989 Fencing World Championships Men's Epee Team

Uploaded on Tuesday 31 August 2010


1989 Fencing World Championships Men's Epee Team.This video is a battle between the Italian and West Germans. Some of the current Italian top guns are in their early years on this video (Cuomo, Mazoni). The West Germans have Elmor Borman and crew. What should have been a landslide victory from the West Germans becomes as a surprise as the Italians take a 3-0 lead before Borman beats Mazoni 5-4 to put the West Germans on the scoreboard. The Germans fight back, but the determination from the Italians is overwhelming! All in all, great epee matches with a lot of different camera angles. You also get 8 of the best epee fencers of this era fighting it out between each other.

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Language: English

Length: 64 mins

Country: United States