2004 Fencing Vancouver Men's Epee

Uploaded on Saturday 28 August 2010


2004 Fencing world cup in Vancouver in Men's Epee. March 19th 2004 was an amazing day for Cody Mattern, US Olympic team member. He beat five of the top ten fencers in the world to win the silver at a World Cup in Vancouver. This DVD you will watch Cody from his top 32 bout all the way to the final.

Also see bouts with Seth Kelsey (US Olympic Team member) and Jan Viviani (US Olympic Team Member). This DVD could be a good start on how to be the best at the world Cups!

This video comes from fencingwebtv.com

Top 32 Bouts:

Mattern (USA) vs. Novosjolov (EST)

Viviani (USA) vs. Jannet (FRA)

Top 16 Bouts:

Kelsey (USA) vs. Rota (ITA)

Mattern (USA) vs. Robeiri (FRA)

Top 8 Bouts:

Mattern (USA) vs. Jannet (FRA)

Semi Final Bouts:

Mattern (USA) vs. Fisher (SWE)

Obry (FRA) vs. Rota (ITA)

Final Bout:

Mattern (USA) vs. Rota (ITA


Language: English

Length: 61 mins

Country: United States