40 Million Mistakes: Is your credit report accurate - 60 Minutes on CBS - The Afghan Perspective

Uploaded on Thursday 14 February 2013


Credit history is one of the most important issues for many countries and specially for those who live in the USA. As a customer who has a credit card, your information which is your name, address and your social security number will be saved and a file will be created for you, therefor any payments and transactions from your side will be forwarded to your credit history. What will happen if you notice a mistake in your credit history? 60 Minutes video In this week did a 6 month observation on this issue about 40 Millions mistakes.

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60 Minutes is one of the most popular and successful TV shows which broadcasts each Sunday night from CBS channel in US. It is number one news program with 13 million viewers per week. It contains news, interviews, reports and online videos.

سوانح اعتباری یکی از مهمترین موارد در بسیاری از کشورها مخصوصا در ایالات متحده آمریکاست. به عنوان یک شهروندی که کارت اعتباری دارد، اطلاعات شما که شامل اسم، آدرس و شماره اجتماعی امنیتی شما است به صورت آنلاین ذخیره خواهد شد و هر گونه معامله و یا تبادله پولی در آن ثبت میشود. اما چه اتفاقی می افتد اگر در سوانح شما تغییراتی ناخواسته وارد شود، برنامه ۶۰ دقیقه در این هفته یک بررسی ۶ ماهه را در این مورد انجام داده است.


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