A simple happiness

Uploaded on Tuesday 17 February 2015


This video was taken 2013 Christmas Party...I know, it is too late too upload. But that's not I intend to show here. I've just realize when I browsed this old video in my desktop, that if we really wanted to be happy in life...we should take our situation as Gift of God everyday. We don't have to be the richest people in the world or become most popular to be happy. A simple gesture and things can bring us happiness..only if we accept to ourselves that everything has a reason...evrything has it's own time and everything has a purpose.
I wrote this because lately, I became so emotionally affected by "ruin friendship". I think each of us should love ourselves first but in some cases, we should show our love and devotion to those people we think are special to us so if ever we parted ways in an unavoidable circumstances...no regret in our part.
Love yourself..love your family...love your friends...even if you don't have to force yourself to love your enemy as the old cliche says" LOVE YOUR ENEMY" well at least...FORGIVE YOUR ENEMY!!!


Language: English

Country: United States