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Akira sendo is the player of ryonan team he is also the ace player of the team and he is considered one of the top players in kanagawa. Akira sendo have a 190cm height, 79kg weight. He is a 2nd year. The position of sendo in basketball team is small forward and point guard. The number of jersey is number 7.
Akira sendo is known to be an easy person. He usually doesn’t take much of anything seriously but when it comes to basketball, he seems to enjoy accepting challenges especially on 1 on 1 games.
Akira sendo usually has a smile on his face whether on-court or off. He can be lazy at times and has a reputation for arriving late to practice matches. His tardiness is tolerated though, because of his abilities. One of his hobbies is fishing, and he has a taste for lemons. His teammates trust him whole heartedly, firmly believing that he can lead ryonan to victory even if they are training.
Akira sendo have all-round skills and he have a intelligence are repeatedly displayed though out of the series. Sendo capable of playing a 1 on 1 style of play like rukawa. Sendo also is a scoring machine like rukawa. Also he is unstoppable scoring machine.
Akira sendo is very nice person. He play style in his sophomore year as he accumulated more experience and knowledge of the game of basketball. Sendo also understands how to utilize his teammates effectively. Sendo can play point guard position, but can also transform himself into a deadly scorer when the game is on the line. With this style of play, he can be considered as a point forward. He also has ability to make 3 point plays while drawing a foul from defenders as seen against miyagi and akagi.
Akira sendo is a type a person have a great ability as a playmakers and leaders for team.


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