Alena Soboleva

Uploaded on Tuesday 14 February 2012


Some people spend decades searching for the key to unlock their personal style, learning painstakingly over many years the rules of the fashion game. Others seem to emerge practically from the cradle with highly evolved ideas about how they want to dress. I need to be on fashion week systematically , you can see everywhere on this event just unique thing’s. I didn’t choose yet a cloths from some collection for my job, but I got a muse from everyone. From designer - how can be every woman different.! From model’s- how can be beautiful, even you don’t have a long hair :) From photographer - how you can do perfect job if you have not enough time. Dedicated to my friend and very talented photographer ALENA SOBOLEVA . You are the best !!!


Language: Music

Length: 00:56

Country: United States

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