An Ode to Vancouver Hockey Fans

Uploaded on Wednesday 13 November 2013


An Ode to Vancouver Hockey Fans was a commissioned piece for the City of Vancouver Public Art Program and was a series of short 10 second videos produced by One Main created by Vancouver media artists. The series was curated by video artist Paul Wong and screened on Vancouver Skytrain stations on their platform monitors for Vancouver's 125th Anniversary celebration. Therefore, there is no sound or music added to the piece.

I decided to create a piece by animating on Post-it Notes like in my film Yellow Sticky Notes. The piece is my reflection on the infamous hockey riots that happened in 2011 when the Canucks lost game seven to the Boston Bruins.

This 10 second animation was actually the inspiration for me to create Yellow Sticky Notes | Canadian Anijam with 14 other animators all creating short sticky note animations on self reflections of events that happened around them. I used this scene in my segment of the anijam but added a few elements to extend the scene.


Language: Silent

Length: 0:10

Country: Canada