Archaeology of Comedy

Uploaded on Friday 11 September 2009


The sketch comedy duo of Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler takes mockumentary to a new level with The Archaeology of Comedy. Beeler stars as Richard Lagina, the host of "Wraparound," an investigative program covering the work of Dr. George Flightus (played by Konkle), the "preeminent authority on the archeology of comedy, as well as the world's leading specialist on geo-humorous tectonics." Flightus' team of archaeologists has discovered that comedy comes from inside the earth, having uncovered indisputable evidence at a dig near Strongknob, Utah. Now they're working to understand the mysteries of the McFwap Core, which carries samples of bits performed by an ancient comedy troupe.

Archaeology of Comedy contains exceptional writing and acting, and the cast plays it just right in balancing surreal sensibilities and good old fashioned slapstick. Join these comedy veterans as they explore The Archaeology of Comedy, the hit DVD


Language: English

Length: 118

Country: United States