Asphalt 8 - Airborne - Multiplayer - Infected

Uploaded on Friday 18 July 2014


Gameplay is similar to that of Asphalt 7: Heat, with the player given four control options; "Tilt to steer" (auto acceleration with movement controlled by tilting the device), "Tilt and icons" (manual acceleration via an on-screen icon, with movement controlled by tilting the device), "On-screen controls" (auto-acceleration with movement controlled by an on-screen virtual steering-wheel), and "Tap to steer" (auto acceleration, with movement controlled by touching the side of the screen).

The five star rating system for each race, the use of primary and secondary objectives introduced in Asphalt 6: Adrenaline and also used in Asphalt 7 have all been retained in Asphalt 8. The core gameplay is slightly different, however. Unlike in previous games in the series, the focus of Asphalt 8 is on jumping, with tracks featuring a lot more ramps than in previous games.[5] As well as performing standard jumps, the player can also perform flat spins (by drifting onto a ramp) and barrel rolls (by hitting curved ramps).[6] All jumps earn nitro boost; the longer the airtime, the more boost earned. Another new feature, which substitutes the "Adrenaline mode" in Asphalt 6 and 7, is the ability to perform a "Perfect Nitro". When the player hits boost, a small red zone appears in the boost bar. If the player hits boost again when the boost meter is in the red zone, the car will accelerate even more, with the boost lasting until the player runs out of boost, brakes, crashes or hits a ramp.


Language: English

Country: United Kingdom