Batad and Sagada Photobook

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 July 2017


Traveling gives my husband and I a different kind of happiness. Somehow, it made our relationship grow and we grew as well as individuals, loving nature and appreciating what God has created.

Every specific travel experience, we have learned lessons which developed our characters and so we have something to bring back home. Eventually, without realizing it, we have somehow become better versions of ourselves.

One of the recent travels we had was last February when we went to Batad and Sagada. Of course we had taken a lot of photos and videos during the four days trip to Batad first then to Sagada.

In this photobook, I have compiled my favorite photos and made the layout through the help of the photobook designer software. I also had made blog entries about our travel experiences in this part of the country which you can check below:

This photobook contains 30 pages, each of which has our shots using Nikon D5300 with a 17-55mm lens and a Canon 1000D with a 50mm lens.

Music is by Us the Duo titled Close to You, their original.

Hope you enjoy this video!

Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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