BBC Radio - #WrekinGiant review

Uploaded on Friday 20 December 2013


Wonderful review of The Wellington Cobbler and The Wrekin Giant on BBC Radio Shropshire.


Language: English

Length: 5:32

Country: United Kingdom


  • luisa-corte-real

  • toni-williams

    Wow thank you so much! :D loved this project! and its still ongoing, its soon to be re-published! :D

  • mark-madia

    Great Britain natives may scoff at my supposed authenticity. My Freddie Eyesford-Hill was a bit suspect :) Have been in broadcasting for 25 plus years. Love it!

  • mark-madia

    Stop motion animation can be so engaging; it's really quite amazing when done well. I love English accents, and feel I can do a few dialects quite well.