Before My "Divergent" Interviews, These Happened! Stolen Moments!

Uploaded on Tuesday 18 March 2014


Before we thought the cameras were rolling, check out my stolen moments with the “Divergent” cast namely Shailene Woodley (she’s a hugger), Theo James (he loves Manny Pacquiao), Ashley Judd & Tony Goldwyn (Judd loves the way I said Rosa, my last name), Maggie Q and Mekhi Phifer (Manny, Maggie, and Mekhi), Miles Teller & Jai Courntey (Jai loves my haircut), and Christian Madsen & Ben Lloyd-Hughes love my shoes! It’s fun and silly, that’s why I’m sharing this with you!


Language: English

Length: 1:00

Country: United States