Beyond Mercy - SS JEW

Uploaded on Wednesday 1 December 2010


During World War II, an SS Nazi Regime is assigned to seek out and destroy any persons of Jewish heritage... including those who have attempted to run towards freedom. One young Jewish man finds himself at the mercy of a wounded Nazi soldier, who, with pistol in hand, is calling all of the shots. In an attempt to help the Nazi soldier to a nearby village for medical attention, the Jew and the soldier are unable to travel very far. Taking refuge in an abandoned cabin, other Nazi soldiers eventually join up with the two. Now the Jewish man
must hide his heritage, and the wounded soldier plays along. This is a realistic and suspenseful tale oozing with historical accuracy. "
Beyond Mercy" portrays the grief and utter terror of the Holocaust, and also shows a bond that grows between two unlikely companions.
From beginning to end, we see the two lead characters change
drastically, as the Nazi soldier understands and sympathizes with the struggle of the young Jewish man. This film depicts scenes of genocide in a very realistic and startling fashion. "Beyond Mercy" emphasizes the importance of the Holocaust within the history of the world, while entertaining with a fictional (yet possible) storyline, some entertaining action and war sequences. This film also rewards us with an original and entertaining twist at the very end, which will
leave you with a sense of fulfillment for the story. "Beyond Mercy" is sure to join the ranks of World War II movies.


Language: English

Length: 92

Country: Germany