[bitLanders Tips & Tutorial] How to add image and video in blog?

Uploaded on Sunday 6 November 2016


Hello guys~ I'm back with video about bitlanders tips and tutorial.

This time, I want to share video about how to add image and video in blog, because from my observation, there are some bitLanders newbies that were still confused and do not know about this. If you are not newbie or if this video did not interest you, you can skip this video, but do not forget to buzz it :3

There are three ways to add an image in your blog:
1. Upload directly from your computer
This is the easiest way to add image in your blog, as long you have image in your computer you can use this method. And this is also the most frequent way that I use, because of its simplicity.
2. Choose image from your library (gallery)
The second method is to choose an existing image in the library or in part of your kitchen. To use this method, firstly you have to upload your image in your gallery section in order to be able to use it.
3. Using image direct link
The third method is using image direct link. To obtain this image direct link, you'll have to upload the image to the image hosting such postimage.org, photobucket.com, etc. Or you can also get this image direct link from google, but rememeber to always give proper credit for the image.

The differences among the three method above is only one, which lies in the size of the image that will be displayed in the blog when it was published.

If you are using first and second method, bitLanders will automatically change the resolution of your image to default if your image resolution exceeds the limit or too large. If you use the third method, then your image will be displayed based on the original resolution, and of course there is a limit too, but the image will be displayed bigger than using first and second method.

You can see the comparison about how the image will be displayed after blog was published between three method in the video.

As for add video in blog, there is 2 ways:
1. Choose video from your video library
You have to upload your video first to bitLanders if you want use this method.
2. Embed video from other website
Or if you do not want to upload your video in bitLanders, you can use video from other website. Just copy the video link and paste in the provided box. And this method currently only support for video from youtube, bitLanders, and vimeo.

That's it. A simple guide and tutorial for bitLanders newbies about how to add image and video in blog. If you still have any question, you can leave comment below.

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Thanks guys for your time~
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