[bitLanders Tips & Tutorial] How to change bitLanders video cover?

Uploaded on Wednesday 19 October 2016


A few months ago there was a bitLanders user who asked me about how to replace the bitLanders cover video with my own image. At first, I also did not know that bitLanders provide this feature when we upload the video, because bitLanders did not give a detailed tutorial about some features in uploading video. And in bitLanders FAQS itself I didn't find any tutorial which explain about this. Probably many bitLanders users also did not know about this great feature.

I found this feature when not accidentally see the existing "Advandce Options" when I want to upload videos to bitlanders. It turns out there are some hidden options in it besides the option to change the cover of the video, such as, language, country, subtitle, etc.

One of the advantages that you will get by replacing the video cover is that you will get additional value from Hillary Summers when you submit the video for review, because she will suggest you to add video cover in your video.

For the detailed tutorial on how to change the video cover with your own picture, you can watch it in the video. I hope this video tutorial is easy to understand and clear enough to be applied. Sorry about the video quality that may be less good :3

Actually I did not have any intention to submit this video for review, but since I did not have any idea about what should I submit for review, finally I decided to submit this video for review, although the results are clear enough, probably it will get 2 or 3 stars: D

Song credit: 해바라기 (순정에 반하다 OST)

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