Boulder Brewing Celebrates 30 years!

Uploaded on Friday 23 October 2009


Mark and Jimmy and the friendly folks at Boulder Beer step back in time: Way back in 1979, there were only 40 or so craft brewers nationwide. Today, there are more than 1400! And in that time, the State of Colorado has emerged as a hotbed of incredible brewing talent. And who was there first, humbly brewing in a goat shed? Our friends at Boulder Beer. Join The Guys as they celebrate Boulder Beer's 30 anniversary and learn that not only were they the first, but they continue to introduce interesting and wonderful brews into the beer marketplace. If you're anywhere near Boulder (like within 1000 miles or so) this place is a must-see. Here's to another 30 years. Cheers!


Language: English

Length: 4:52

Country: United States