Captain Calamity

Uploaded on Monday 30 September 2013


Directed by John Reinhardt and starring George Houston, "Captain Calamity" is an American South Seas adventure film.

A penniless ship's captain of the schooner "Marigold" is taking a passenger ashore after their voyage because he needs to re-stock his ship. The passenger throws a gold coin in the ocean that he says has been bad luck to him as it was a gift from his ex-fiancee. The Captain sends one of his experience men diver underwater to retrieve it. The passenger explains that is a gold Spanish doubloon.

Going ashore, the Captain decides to have some fun by making a joke telling stories indicating that he has discovered four chests full of theses doubloon coins, which were pirate treasure. The story spreads throughout the island and leads to kidnapping, torture, murder and an attack on the Captain's ship to get the supose treasure.


Language: English

Length: 01:00:36

Country: United States

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