Ceramics; A slidefilm of some ceramics for a house

Uploaded on Thursday 17 November 2016


Hello friends!
This slidefilm is created by me which depends upon some of the ceramic's materials that can be used for many purposes in a house. All of the shots are taken by me from a ceramics farmstore. I want to buy many of them very soon for my house.

Ceramic's products have many uses like they are used for growing plants, to keep artificial plants in them, to keep food products in them. To eat food in ceramic's products made from clay is a "Sunnah". Using ceramic products for eating food in daily routine keep you safe from many diseases. Water remains cool in a ceramic cooler for long time.

These ceramics depicts the hard work of rural people and their work is full of beauty which is shown by the materials.

Ceramics industry in Pakistan is touching the heights of success because of it's unbelievable products.
I hope you will like.
Stay blessed all the time.


Language: English

Country: United States