Chanukah Rap with Silver Rapper Eva Grayzel and Spencer Beatbox

Uploaded on Thursday 30 January 2014


Spencer Beatbox and Eva Grey met on line at the America's Got Talent Audition. He plays music with my mouth and she raps. So here it is. Just in time for the Festival of the Lights: Chanukah rap beatbox collaboration!


Language: English

Length: 3:50

Country: United States


  • shafeeq-ahmad

  • dolo18

  • cip200


  • lisasc

    I tried to write some rap songs and I tried to sing rap but I found my rapping didn't, or doesn't, sound like rap. My movie "Farm Right" has 1 of my rap songs.

  • lisasc

    I couldn't have my volume up very loud so I couldn't catch the words (lyrics); so what is this song about and what are the words?