Uploaded on Monday 30 August 2010


CINEKU is a unique New Genre of Short Film created by Director Ramachandra Babu, combining Cinema with the Form of Japanese Haiku Poems resulting in a Short film consisting of only THREE shots of not more than 40 seconds each and the Maximum length of the film should not be more than one Minute, using no computer graphic or optical effects.

This anthology consists of Six CINEKU Films based on short Poems by Director –
FIRE shows how it can be used for illuminating a lamp, lighting a kitchen hearth as well as igniting a destructive bomb, LEADING HANDS depicts the hand that helps in every stage of life, while DOCTORS show how injection syringes can be used for curing by doctors as well as for intoxication by Addicts, SUICIDE is about the tragic-comic result of a suicide attempt, KNIFE is of utility, creativity and destructivity and finally KISS OF LIFE is the story of a young couple in love and the tragic end.


Language: Silent

Length: 8 Minutes

Country: India