Contrast (I worked on this) - A First Look - Episode 1 - Moving Through Shadow

Uploaded on Wednesday 1 January 2014


Hello everyone and welcome to this, a first look at the game Contrast by Compulsion, a Canadian Studio based in Montreal. The game will be available both on Steam and as one of the release games with the PS4.

The concept behind Contrast is the manipulation of light sources to create 2D projected puzzles, which your 3D character can move into, out of and through.

I'm actually quite excited about this game because it was the last contract I worked on before becoming a full time stay-at-home dad. I had the opportunity to work on various cut scenes throughout the game. As an animator it posed an interesting challenge. All the animation was done with 3D characters but projected as 2D shadows. It required special attention to be given to the character's silhouette.


Language: English

Length: 18:31

Country: Canada