ÉCU-on-the-road Promotional Video

Uploaded on Tuesday 15 April 2014


For ÉCU – The European Independent Film Festival, three days in Paris is not enough. Every year, the festival travels around the world making sure our “Official Selection” films are made known. This demonstrates our active commitment to cultivate and encourage the new and inspiring talent that comes our way.

All this have has possible through the help of over 50 (and quickly growing) partner festivals, cultural centers and film commissions around the globe. During these events, some of our “Official Selection” films are screened, which furthers the size of our directors audience. In adding to the number of viewers, we are able to champion our belief in our directors, as well as our passion for independent cinema. This action alone makes our storytellers voices heard, their creativity made known and allows them possibilities they would otherwise might not have had.


Language: Silent

Country: France