Cubic Morph

Uploaded on Sunday 8 September 2013


This animation is an experimental piece (did I mention I like experimental animation?) that explores ideas of uniformity and gradual changes in perspective and point of view. Using a simplistic cube structure, my aim was to morph multiple objects at various speeds, whilst maintaining a focus on the overall structure from various angles. Produced in Element 3D and After Effects, I used a virtual camera to position and rotate around the scene and create my shots. The morphing of the cubes was achieved using Element 3D’s innovative animation engine. This work shares some visual similarities with the cube structures I created for ‘Left of the Border Films Collaboration One’. The difference here is in the less hectic textures I have used for the structure surfaces, and the far more gradual evolution from one colour and texture to another. On a thematic level, I guess I have always had a preoccupation with conformity and often ask myself why people might choose to conform rather than follow their own instincts, adhering to ever changing trends. ‘Cubic Morph’ could be interpreted as an abstract visualisation of the thoughts I have about conformity. Personally, I don’t believe you have to follow the crowd and conform in life to feel happy. Life should not be about conforming, it should be about expression in ways that mean something important to you. I hope you enjoy ‘Cubic Morph’.


Language: English

Length: 1:40

Country: United Kingdom