David Blandy trailer for My Philosophy

Uploaded on Friday 19 February 2010


Artprojx presents ...

My Philosophy
a selection of films by David Blandy


"So, you're a philosopher?
Yes, I think very deeply... (repeat and scratch)"
Excerpt from My Philosophy, Boogie Down Productions, Jive/RCA 1988

For My Philosophy, David Blandy brings together a selection of his work from the past 8 years, all of which explores ways to live life in the modern world. Where do we find ideas to believe in if organised religion and philosophy no longer feel relevant, if popular culture is the only authoritative voice to which we have access? And can our relationship with a consumerist society ever be straightforward?

Blandy seeks answers to life's questions from Ben E. King, Bruce Lee, KRS-One and David Carradine. The program will include Samurai Story (2008), in which Blandy tries to live by the code of the Samurai (as outlined in Hagakure) in a Japanese garden in North of England. The piece features a soundtrack written by English Dub legend Manasseh.

David Blandy has just recently been announced as the winner of The Times/The South Bank Show Breakthrough Award, presented by Sir Ian McKellan at a ceremony shown on British national television.

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Language: English

Length: 1minute

Country: United Kingdom