Dentures Trailer - A film by Anderson West

Uploaded on Sunday 12 January 2014


Two guys having a rap battle are going to have an unexpected challenger.

Sandra Scott
Justin Baker
Jonathan Benjamin

Supporting Artists
Suzan West
Ryen Ham Ying
Stephen Coker
Pryesh Ghobil
Seren Hayward
Elena Hitchens
Carolyne Kazembe
Daniel Shaw
Nkulueko Dube

Director - Anderson West
Music & Co Written by - Daniel Carroll
Director of Photography - Mark Kuczewski
1st Assistant Director - Andy Salamonczyk
Sound Recordist - Kyle Martyn Clark
Focus Puller - Eira Wyn Jones
Camera Assistant - Dominic Matthewson
Production Assistants - Matt Geeling & Seb Chadwick
Behind the Scenes - Ewan Dyer

Special Thanks to:
Fuzzy Duck
John Rosie
Stoke Film Office


Language: English

Length: 0:20

Country: United Kingdom