"Detroit Miss"

Uploaded on Sunday 14 August 2011


WWII Cartoon story about the american Mustang pilot Urban "Detroit Miss" Drew's Two Me 262 Victories.

"October 7th. Drew was flying with wingman McCandless when he spotted the German airbase at Achmer and went down for a look. Two "Schwalbe's" were just taking off when Drew dived on them, McCandless keeping right with him. The first Me 262 exploded when hit by the .50s of "Detroit Miss". Drew says he was surprised when the second Me 262 tried to climb away, allowing him to turn inside and shoot away the jet's control surfaces. When Drew returned to base, he found that not only had his wingman failed to return after being hit by flak following Drew's victories, but the gun camera also failed. Only after the war did Drew learn his wingman had survived. "


Language: English

Length: 4:04

Country: Sweden

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