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A night with Harvey.
Harvey Bassett - more (un) known as Dj Harvey - is, in its little bearded surfer on the back, one of the most influential musical of the last twenty years. If we talk often than other djs djs will see religiously ... and Harvey is their sponsor at all.
The youngest of us (including myself) know him for his legendary Sarcastic Disco parties, a kind of roving and random soundsystem, from time to time, there is a shed in the industrial Downtown LA. An audience composed of improbable gay Latinos, hipsters of musically cultured of record collectors and unshaven girls with suggestive hip movements, with Harvey at the helm for a mix of at least 9-10am.
Some will tell you that Harvey has no genre, it is simply the most eclectic dj that is, they will not go wrong but still next to them. Harvey is so special that it probably can not even get into the (non) category of eclecticism, it is no doubt a genre by itself. Pioneer in his garage / disco / house in Europe, Italian archaeologist cosmic sound 10 years before anyone else, composer-performer of psychedelic punk rock, there is not a style with which Dj Harvey has not subtly juggled. When we see one of his performances, it does not play a particular music ... we just see Harvey.
After beginning his musical education at Cambridge, becoming, at 13, the drummer of punk band Ersatz (a favorite of John Peel), it quickly becomes an iconic dj of the English stage, thanks to his evenings at the Zap Club Brighton, whose afters on the beach (Black Rock) tend to last for nearly 48 hours. In 1991 residing in Gardening Club in London and the Ministry Of Sound, he was the first dj to invite artists like Larry Levan and François Kevorian still relatively unknown in Europe.
This is but a warm-up career for Harvey, probably without knowing it, refines the basis of his legend. He launched his label in 1995, Black Cock Records, on which it will be the first to leave the Re-Edits, cut with scissors to the same bands. Rediscovered in the last 5 years, the original Black Cocks now traded against a small fortune on Ebay. In 2005 he set up the group Map Of Africa (with Thomas Bullock of Rub'N'Tug and a member of ARE Weapons) on the sur-hip New York label Whatever We Want, which he co-founded alongside Carlos Arias. And so on ...
Dj eminently postmodern armed with his bottle of Jack Daniels, he came to us through Place de la Madeleine, for the first time in Paris long ago.

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