EP161-inside scoop

Uploaded on Monday 1 October 2012


Inside Scoop stories of EP 161:

1. Information about Avatar series.
2. Mark Zuckerberg's Ex-Stalker Claims He Attacked Him
3. Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54, From July Cardiac Arrest/Lack of Oxygen
4. Taken 2 will be in Chinese theater on Oct. 7th.
5. Lady Gaga's new look.
6. Gangnum Style is popular around the world.

1. 《阿凡达》系列有望拍摄续集
2. 马克.扎克伯格的前跟踪狂控诉马克曾经殴打他。
3. 演员迈克.克拉克.邓肯去世,享年54岁。
4. 《飓风营救2》将于10月7日登陆内地院线。
5. Lady Gaga的新造型。
6. 神曲《江南Style》火遍全球。


Language: Chinese (simplified)

Length: 6:01

Country: China

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