EP163-inside scoop

Uploaded on Monday 1 October 2012


EP 163 Inside Scoop news:

1. The four Judges for American Idol finally settled.

2. The twilight couple get back together?

3. The New "Robocop" is in production, check out the suit.

4. Stars support Pres. Obama to get reelected.

5. The first Hobbit movie is going to be in the theater in December 14th.

6. Gossip Girl couple is on the cover of magazines.

EP 163 美天独家新闻

1. 美国偶像评委敲定
2. 《暮光之城》情侣传复合?
3. 《机械战警》战服曝光。
4. 明星支持奥巴马总统竞选。
5. 《霍比特人》电影的第一部定于12月14日上映。
6. 《绯闻女孩》情侣拍摄杂志封面。


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