Uploaded on Wednesday 15 January 2014


Fallen is a short drama which follows a homeless guy who has lost everything. Dom spends his days cleaning the streets when he comes across a small red car, which makes him remember some of the past he once had.


Language: English

Length: 5:02

Country: United Kingdom


  • jean-beltran

  • liam-dickins

    @bozodeluxe .. Society are becoming addicted to the internet and it is effecting there learning, communication etc. something I feel stingily about :P

  • liam-dickins

    @bozodeluxe Thakyou a lot, I would like to think people would watch it online etc as I think that is a growing problem, a lot of children growing up in todays..

  • bozodeluxe

    @liam-dickins Just went and watched WEB. I could see it as a commercial warning about over usage, although, would they show it online? Liked it very much.

  • liam-dickins

    @bozodeluxe Check out my latest film WEB and let me know what you think. https://vimeo.com/92929060

  • liam-dickins

    @bozodeluxe Thanks, there is a few faults in it that I have learnt for next time, One being the sound was a bit distorted in places

  • bozodeluxe

    This was really well done!