Fashion Film - 3NESIS - Cinema Jove

Uploaded on Wednesday 3 July 2013


Fashion Film trilogy 3NESIS´ official presentation at Valencia International Film Festival (Cinema Jove) by Rafael Maluenda (festival director), Tono Sanmartín (stylist of the whole trilogy) and Miguel Ángel Font Bisier (producer, director and creator).
Eiénesis, Aeterna & Heraion help also to describe in a short way what Fashion Films are and how do they work in the social media and brand commercial strategies.
It also features Maria José Belenguer´s official soundtrack for the trilogy and the special effects by Sergio López and Arturo Mora.
How did this trilogy started? Why is it special? Which uses were given to these videos among showing the work of the team behind and in front of the camera?
You will find all these answers in just this 5 minutes video!


Language: Spanish

Length: 5:52

Country: Spain