Fat Cat

Uploaded on Thursday 24 January 2013


Italy - a night club's parking lot. We hear gunshots and screams coming from inside the club. Burro and Zeus, two goofy gangsters, come out running, jump on a car and speed away. What has happened?
In the meantime their boss, a flamboyant psycho known as Mosca, is having a meeting with a gun trafficker in his magnificent castle. Mosca is a schizophrenic millionaire whose best friend is a bronze sculpture of a cat, named Renato. He receives a phone call from the Baron, owner of the night club: Burro and Zeus have just shot and killed a go-go dancer during a brawl. Mosca is furious but decides to forgive his two incompetent men, but the Baron, secret lover of the dancer, is in furious rage and wants revenge.


Language: Italian

Length: 1:52

Country: Italy